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Some Thoughts, and Some Calendars

Some Thoughts, and Some Calendars

Hi guys,

So I've been working crazy hours on a freelance advertising job since August, and I haven't had much time to give to illustration. I'm happy to say that I'm wrapping up that job this week, and then I'll be focusing only on illustration until January. Which is awesome. I'm not sure how many people will be reading along with me here -- although thanks to Google Analytics, I can find out! -- but I've been thinking a lot lately about our social media selves vs. our real selves. I have a real love-hate relationship with social media; I use Facebook way too much, and there are things about it that I love, but tweeting mostly feels like I'm yelling into a canyon.

Sometimes, though, especially as someone starting up a creative business and forging a public identity online, I feel overwhelmed. There are so many artists out there whose lives look so shiny, who blog and tweet and pin and engage and grow their business and somehow still manage to look cute doing it. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?

I try to gently remind myself that in reality, it's not. As our online presence grows, so do our personal brands -- the stories we tell the world about who we are. We choose to Instagram our cocktails, not our baskets of laundry. Never before has it been so possible to present a carefully curated version of yourself to both friends and strangers. And that's where it's easy to fall down the rabbit hole: to compare your human experience with someone else's personal brand.

Right now, my personal brand has dirty hair and piles of unopened mail. I'm resisting the temptation to over-curate. I'm just going to show up to the party and be me and see what happens. New calendars in the shop this week:2013 CalendarBe Yourself 2013 Calendar