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Getting Sketchier

Getting Sketchier

Soon, I'll be writing a post about my 2012 -- which was a humungo crazy year for me. In the meantime, just FYI, I finally got an iPad, which means I'll be doing and posting more fun/silly/weird little sketches here and on my facebook page. Fun.

This is one of the things I really love to do, and I haven't been doing as much of it because I've been working on so many pieces to sell lately. The great thing about the iPad (and what finally tipped me over to the dark side) is that I can draw something and post it super quickly, or while I'm traveling, without having to have a whole setup with a scanner or a Cintiq or what-have-you. Plus (and this may be one of those things everyone in the world knows about except me), I got this amazing app called Procreate that is basically Photoshop, except it cost FIVE DOLLARS. Sorry, Photoshop.

I am notorious for not having my shit together at Xmas and therefore running around like a crazy person from December 21-24, and this year is no exception. Cost Plus World Market saved me yesterday with their amazing stocking stuffers. Everything from bacon salt to fancy soap to weird toys. And, of course, the misfit ornaments.

Costplus weird ornaments on december 22