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Discontinued Prints, and Lower Prices!

Discontinued Prints, and Lower Prices!

Hi guys,

Next time you check out our shop, you’ll notice something awesome: all our prints, dish towels, tote bags and tiny card sets are CHEAPER! Yep, we’ve lowered prices on all those things by up to 25%! (I know. That pretty much never happens, right?) But we’ve made some changes to our production processes, and not to sound like a used car salesman or anything, but we wanted to pass the savings on to you.


Until now, we’ve been printing all our art prints in-house, but as we’ve grown, that’s become an unmanageable process. (For example: I now own 3 $700 printers, at least one of which is broken at any given time.) So, going forward, our prints will be professionally printed in New England, and I’m really happy about this. With that change, as of July 4, we will no longer be offering 5×7 prints for sale, and we are also retiring several of our existing designs in all sizes. So if there’s something you want that’s being discontinued, we wanted to give you the opportunity to grab it while it lasts! You can find all our discontinued prints in the LAST CALL PRINTS section of the shop.

If you made it all the way through this post, you get a prize: 15% off any purchase through July 4 with the discount code DETAILSMATTER, valid on our site only. Yep, 15% off everything, even the stuff with new lower prices. Hooray!

Happy Summer!


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