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Be Okay Empathy Card

SKU: 2-02883

Public Service Announcement: Healing is hard and unpredictable. It zigs and zags and starts and stops. Some days just aren’t going to be good days and that’s okay. This card encourages your loved one to normalize their grief.

This message of comfort and care is from our collection of cards by Alex Elle, author of After the Rain and the guided journal In Courage.

  • When it comes to expressing sympathy and empathy and letting dear ones know you’re thinking of them, this sorry for your loss card strikes the right note.
  • Heavyweight card stock with vellum overlay sewn in with colored thread. Matching colorful envelope. Blank inside.
  • Colored envelope, blank inside
  • Size: 4.25 x 5.5 inches

Card reads: You don't have to be okay today. Healing isn't linear.