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Spiritual AF Deck

SKU: 11154

Turning (and keeping) your soul on is a magical power tool that’s incredibly handy to have when life gets life-y and the shit hits the fan. This super-inspiring, potty-mouthed deck doesn’t sugarcoat that it can be hard AF to grow as a human. It’s here to help you keep your heart open and be your best self—even on the really sucky days when you just want to eat potato chips under the covers. Simply pick a card, read it, do what it says, and … BOOM. Look at you calling bullshit on your own bullshit!

Created by Knock Knock.

  • 100 inspirational cards plus fancy display stand for anyone who wants to evolve as a human
  • Created by Roxan McDonald, of the hit Instagram account @spiritual_AF
  • 4 x 2.55 x 2.4 inches; 100 cards; cardstock card stand

Also available: Knock Knock Grateful AF Deck.