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New Products Inspired By Actual Events

New Products Inspired By Actual Events

When my boyfriend Seth and I first moved in together a couple of years ago, he found a box of a hundred or so of his old business cards one day, while I was at work and he was working from home. Instead of recycling them or tossing them, he drew a heart on the back of each card and hid every single one somewhere in my stuff. In the pockets of my pants in the dresser, inside every shoe in my closet, in every purse, in my makeup bag-- you get the idea. (Awww, right? He's the best. Online dating, yo!) More than two years later, I'm still finding heart cards. (When I do, it's a signal that I should probably donate the thing I found it in to Goodwill.) It makes me happy every time I see one. Those heart cards are the inspiration for one of the new products just added to the shop: the "Let Me Count the Ways: Tiny Love Notes for Important People" mini-card set. I Love You Because: Tiny Cards

These tiny 2"x3" love note cards come 10 to a pack, and are the perfect way to surprise your favorite people with a warm and fuzzy feeling. Slip one into your kid's lunch or your best friend's bag, or pull a Seth and put them in your significant other's off-season shoes. The front of each card has space for you to personalize the "I love you because" sentiment, and the back is printed with a colorful heart pattern. I Love You Tiny Cards Mini-cards for everyday notes

We've also added three more styles of tiny card packs: Thank You For Existing, We Are All Awesome, and Be Yourself. Check them all out here.

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