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Who's EM?

Emily McDowell

EM is short for Emily McDowell, the amazing artist / writer / human being who founded our company, originally called Emily McDowell Studio, in 2012.

Emily started out in the world of advertising, but decided she wanted to make greeting cards that would help people feel seen, heard, and more connected to one another. As a cancer survivor, she knew the power of greeting cards, and saw a need for cards that could speak to tough life situations where sentiments like “get well” don’t really help, and can even hurt. This work was unique in the marketplace, and as a result, our brand has been featured in hundreds of media outlets in 22 countries, from the New York Times to Al-Jazeera. Emily’s founding principles still guide us today: making cards and products for the relationships people really have and the lives we really lead.

After a decade building the company—and revolutionizing the stationery industry in the process—Emily decided to take a step back from wearing all the hats. She is now an independent writer, illustrator, advisor, coach, and mentor who is, as she puts it, “fiercely committed to not doing all of those things at the same time.”

You can learn more about Emily’s incredible story and work here. If you’d like to inquire about booking her as a speaker or podcast guest, please contact her here. IRL, Emily lives in Portland, Oregon, with her partner, twin teenage stepsons, two cats, and many low-maintenance houseplants.