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First Quarter of 2015: The Recap Post

First Quarter of 2015: The Recap Post

Hi guys! It turned out that a lot of you really liked the 2014 recap posts I wrote last January, so I'm bringing them back for 2015, starting with this one. I learned a lesson from last year's posts, though: I'm starting these 2015 recaps early, because if I don't, writing them will take over my life in January and I'll never get to Q4 (sorry, Q4 of 2014).

I also got inspired by a visual diary of 2012 that my friend Lisa Congdon posted on instagram a few days ago, so I decided that instead of writing our 2015 recaps out as text posts, I'm going to illustrate them. I really like doing these little comic-style illustrations, and if I could clone myself, I'd love to do a page-a-day visual diary as a passion project. Without further ado, I give you January through March of 2015! January 2015 IllustrationTaken directly from my sketchbook, so it's a little wonky. I need a better scanner. Drawing this was fun. I haven't drawn the rest of the year yet, but I'm looking forward to doing the other recaps this way. Q2 is going to have to be a bigger sheet of paper, though. That was when we launched Empathy Cards™ and life got really strange and I spent way too much time worrying about what cardigan to wear on television.

Happy Holidays, by the way. Only 8 shopping days left until our regular shipping cutoff for Xmas, so go buy some shit, everybody! Or at least get working on getting your cards sent out. I'm afraid that once again, I'm not going to get it together. OH THE IRONY. I should really start doing a random July card for all our friends and family, so I have more of a chance of actually making it happen. December is just too hard.


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