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New Parenting Support Cards

New Parenting Support Cards

Hey friends!

Based on my experience as a human person, we're adding another new category of cards to our line. We're starting small with three styles, but I'm planning to add more in the spring.

Not A Monster Parenting Support Card

We're calling these new cards Parenting Support, and they're designed for anyone who's struggling with the day-to-day of raising small to medium-sized people. 

Here's the truth -- the wonder, awe and joy of parenting goes hand in hand with complicated emotions like confusion, resentment, boredom, and anxiety. This doesn’t mean you don’t love your kids. It means you’re a totally normal person. But often, parents—especially moms— don’t talk about these feelings because we feel ashamed, or like there’s something wrong with us for not loving every moment of being a parent. The judgment is SO INTENSE, both from within ourselves and from the world at large. This experience can be really lonely and isolating, but it’s also really common. And talking about it helps. 

Breast Pumping Parenting Support Card

I'm hoping these cards -- like Empathy Cards -- will help parents who are going through a rough time feel validated, seen, and supported. And like our company manifestosays, "there's medicine in me, too." It's a huge relief to see something out in the world and realize you're not the only one (and maybe you're not as totally weird and broken as you thought).

Baby Otter Parenting Support Card