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Menopause Tracker Journal

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Introducing the first journal of its kind: a tracker to support you through perimenopause and menopause! Physician-approved and packed with information, it's an empowering tool to help you recognize changes in your body and figure out lifestyle changes that actually help you feel better. (Take THAT, night sweats!)   

Note: This journal is part of a new series dedicated to menopause.  We really want to support people going through this transition and normalize conversation around it.


  • ✔ Monthly trackers for spotting cyclical patterns
  • ✔ Weekly grids for correlating symptoms and habits
  • ✔ Space for end-of-month reflection
  • ✔ Illustrated quotes and journaling questions

What's more!

  • Menopause support in the form of a journal for women
  • 128 pages, cover is 7.5 x 8.875-inches featuring foil stamping + exposed copper wire-o binding