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Printable Coloring Pages—Free Unstressing Special!

NSFW—but safe for WFH!

You Are Doing a Great Fucking Job Coloring Page by Em & Friends

We believe fucked-up times call for free stuff. And soul-soothing yet semi-mindless activities using your hands. Toward that end we’re offering these free 8 x 10 printable coloring pages for your de-stressing pleasure.

Oh, and by the way: You are doing a GREAT fucking job.

Instructions for printing: click on the individual thumbnails to open a new page, then use your browser’s Edit > Print function. Be sure to tag us @emandfriends on social with your masterpieces!

Thank You for Existing Emily McDowell Card Printable

Emily McDowell Card Printable Greeting Card Page

You Are Doing a Great Fucking Job Emily McDowell Coloring Page

Emily McDowell Coloring Page Printable Gift Card

Emily McDowell Kept Going Printable Coloring Page