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Affirmators!® 50 Affirmation Cards Deck

SKU: 12319

This goodie’s gone for good, but we’ve got tons of other fun stuff on hand!

You are awesome and powerful—and you love bunnies riding on unicorns. (Is that so wrong?) Comedian Suzi Barrett created this deck just for you. With 50 inspiring affirmations—and whimsical illustrations—it’s super wise but not super woo-woo; openly optimistic but not overtly self-helpy. It’s also a great gift for fellow unicorn-lovers.

  • Cheer-up gift for anyone seeking a little self-help (without the self-helpy-ness)
  • 3.75 x 5 inches; 50 cards, plus instruction card
  • Conceived and written by Suzi Barrett, illustrated by Naomi Sloman and published by our sister brand, Knock Knock

Explore how fans are taking #Affirmators!® out of the box, and into the universe! It’s . . . Self-Help without the Self-Helpy-Ness!®

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Laura G.

Self-care for the Cool Kids

My life is focused around recovery and healing, but with a big dose of laughter, and a side order of Don't Take Yourself Too seriously. (I'm kinda like the human version of these cards) I absolutely love these cards, and I especially love sharing them with friends. What usually happens the first time I ask a friend to pick a card for their day, and read it out loud, is that they start reading it and I can tell they think it's a little too sweet & new age. Alot of times they'll start to look confused & I have to tell them to keep reading. Then they get to the funny (absurd) parts & they laugh. Then they go back & re-read it. It's like the humor/absurd parts let us stay cool enough that we can also do crazy things like be gentle with ourselves. In fact, these are so awesome I'm about to buy 3 decks for gifts!


Kinder, gentler tarot cards

I bought these along with another affirmations deck, shuffled them together, and pull a card, tarot-style, whenever I need some help. They're great for when you're in a tough spot and just need some direction. All the cards are full of gentle, helpful, supportive humor, and the cards themselves and the deck are good quality.


Loving my kids better

I have given the affirmation cards to my daughter ,as well as many of Emily‘s other cards and pins to my kids. I order a lot and then hide them away , and during random times when they are down I surprise them and it really impacts their life and makes them feel so special and so loved. These are the best products for thoughtful gift giving and I appreciate how Emily has partnered with other artists to give us such A wide array of beautiful gift choices .


Best postcards ever

These postcards are just the perfect thoughtful note when words fall short. All of Emily’s creations are very high quality card stock and mind blowing messages! I love the humanity and accessibility of her work! She makes me happy and helps me love people better.