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Life Saver Pet Friendship Necklace & Collar Charm

SKU: 2-02368

This goodie's gone for good—but we've got tons of other fun stuff on hand!

We talk about “rescuing” animals from shelters, but as anyone who’s ever done this knows: they rescue us as much as we rescue them. They’re our life-savers, our best friends, and our soul mates. Our bonds are extraordinary and our love is deep, which more than compensates for their habits of eating the kitchen garbage and/or occasionally pooping on the floor. Now with this perfect dog owner gift, you can both wear your devotion with our Life Saver dog friendship necklace and dog necklace collar charm.

  • Materials: Enamel, Brass Chain
  • Dimensions: Charms are .75" high; necklace chain measures 18"